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Crafford IT is a company that has been formed not by sales persons or business people but by the IT professionals themselves. What makes a company? It's workers, we have decades of experience in the IT field backing us. South Africa's service levels have decreased over the last decade at an alarming rate but by our input of high-level service and low prices we can exceed any level of service currently available. We wish to revolutionise the IT industry not just in South Africa but wish to exceed service levels in the world today.
With our extensive relationships with our business partners Crafford IT can and will provide services and products that exceed all customer expectations. Unfortunately this is just our word and how best can we prove it, unless you, the customer put us to the test. Crafford IT does not discriminate between large corporations or small business's including the home user. We maintain high service levels for all. As our client base increases so do our staff. Crafford IT only employs top-level service orientated staff where quality control is our primary mission.
Rest assured that all issues and requests will be attended to promptly and professionally. Crafford IT also provides a nationwide support services for those clients who have branches outside Gauteng.