The capability to:
Capture and process weekly and monthly wages and/or produce Monthly Return forms with our user-friendly program;
Process payroll for all your non-industry staff members;
Produce Council approved Monthly Return forms automatically without having to capture any additional information;
Submit Monthly Return forms electronically to the Council;
Backup and restore your data to our online backup servers;
Receive automatic online updates eliminating the need to check for updates and/or circulars from the Council   including taxes and levy table changes payable to SARS;
Submit Monthly Membership Return forms electronically to the NUFAWSA and CEPPWAWU trade unions;
Print professional wage slips, payslips and a wide selection of payroll reports from the program.
Manage multiple establishments from one program .

Download and install WARP here
Download and install Teamviewer here
View the WARP user manual here

There are no updates to download for WARP as the system automatically updates itself.